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Thank You to all of my New Friends! It was a pleasure to provide you with your new Best Fur Friend!
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I can’t say enough about Gan Haven and Stacey! From my first email right up until delivery of our Roxy, Stacey went above and beyond. It is clear that her animals are loved and cared for, it is not just a business, Stacey’s heart is completely in this. Thank you Stacey for replying to my emails, putting my worries to rest and for being available to answer my questions and concerns. There are many breeders out there and when you cannot visit them in person it’s really a gamble. I cannot praise Gan haven and Stacey enough. Both for the happy, healthy puppy she personally delivered to us and for the amazing personalized service she offers her clients!


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I want to add my name to the dozens of happy dog owners thanks to Stacey Lawrence at Gan Haven. From the very beginning I had a good feeling about Stacey and when I went to look at her kennel I was doubly impressed. It’s not often that the pictures on the internet are an accurate depiction of reality but in the case of Gan Haven it really was. Spotless kennels, organized, healthy, happy dogs, a very special nursery. I don’t know how she does it but she does and she is a wonderful woman to boot. My little Pippin is a complete joy. Happy, healthy, bad as a puppy should be and smart. He is already learning things and he is only 12 weeks old. I love him to bits. Thanks Stacey. I’d recommend your kennel to anyone.


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I want to thank Stacey for providing us with the perfect fit to our blended family. He is a well adjusted happy little guy and people have stopped us and enquire about him. He slept thru the night from the first day we brought him home and was pretty much trained. He is full of energy and a delight to have even tho he’s Daddy’s dog. (Have you ever seen a big guy kiss and tell a small dog how much he loves him?) We love him so much we will be adding a second one to our family and hopefully with any luck this one will be a Momma’s dog. I would recommend Stacey to anyone thinking of buying a puppy that is looking for great qualities in a fur baby.


Bonnie's comments
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Chloe is absolutely fantastic!  She has settled in great!  Loves her new home. I thought she would be a little timid at first but nope she has completely adjusted. She almost always uses her puppy pads and rarely has accidents!!  She found her voice so she sometimes likes to use it but only when she’s around other dogs. She loves to play and loves to cuddle!!  Thank you so much for such an awesome and sweet little girl.


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Thank you so much for allowing us to come see your fur babies at Gan Haven 6 months ago. That’s when we met and fell in love with our Binou! He is 6 months old now and has been such an amazing addition to to our family. He is so smart and so well behaved – I think that is thanks in part to the great start you gave him at Gan Haven. He is a great friend to our children Jillian and Jordan and companion for my husband and I. We enjoy going for walks together, playing in the yard, and camping too! We would definitely recommend your fur babies for those looking to welcome a new addition to their family.

The Feltins

Binou - 6 months old
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I would like to thank Stacey for helping me choose Beau. She allowed me to come over and see all of her puppies and gave me all the information I needed to make my decision. He is a great companion and always gives me a warm welcome when I arrive home from work. He loves to play fetch and also likes to hide my socks in the craziest places. He doesn’t even mind getting dressed up and having his picture taken. I love my cuddle time on the couch. Thank-you Stacey for your help and guidance.


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We want to thank you for the wonderful experience and all your help you provided us in choosing the right puppy. We decided to adopt Louie Bottoni, right from the start. Stacey knew we were looking for a Mi-Ki puppy and when passing through our city with a new litter from Daphnie, called and gave us the opportunity to go and see the new litter for ourselves (Stacey was on vacation and being the caring breeder she is, she took the expecting mom along in her trailer, so she could attend to her delivery). We decided on that day that Louie was the one. Stacey kept us updated with pictures, emails, phone calls and videos of his monthly growth and progress till it was time to go to bring him to his new home. On July 26th we took the long 12 hour drive.  Upon our arrival Stacey met us, we saw Louie and headed to our hotel room, Stacey was kind enough to keep Louie at Gan Haven till our departure the next day. Stacey gives an unbelievable puppy package, blanket, toys, treats, food and also is very helpful with new puppy traveling worries. She also gives a very informative puppy book with pictures and information about your new puppy, an AMAZING baby book and keep-sake. Louie Bottoni is just over 6 months now, the joy he brings, the laughs we have and the love he gives us is just too precious. Our little Louie is a showstopper, everywhere we go with him even on vacations. Louie weighs close to 3 lbs now and before he turned 6 months he could fetch a ball, shake a paw, sit and lay down on command. He barely barks or whines, sleeps through the night and is outside and inside potty trained. We love love love our little Louie and we couldn’t be any happier. He has brought so much joy to our family. So pleased to have chosen Gan Haven, Stacey’s care, dedication and the love she gives to her dogs shows through her fur babies we adopt. Definitely would choose Gan Haven again if in the future we decide on a companion for Louie.

Giovanna, Anthony & Anna

Louie Bottoni - 6 months old
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 I picked up my new fur baby a few weeks ago from Stacey and couldn’t be happier!  Stacey was wonderful from the first time I contacted her and so helpful. We stayed in contact from day one and she would send me updates on how my puppy was doing with pictures and videos. At Gan Haven I was impressed by how clean, professional and comfortable the space is. It is very cheerfully laid out and all the puppies were so well behaved (and in the middle of renovations!). Poppy was bathed and ready to go with her baby book and her bag of goodies Stacey provides when I went to pick her up. Stacey was kind enough to spend quite a bit of time with me going over care, what to expect and training tips. And since having Poppy at home it’s been comforting knowing Stacey is just a text or phone call away (and always replies quickly to queries too). I would recommend anyone interested in a Mi-Ki to contact Stacey, the love she has for all her puppies shows in how well cared for and how quickly they adjust to their new home. And a quick note, the baby book Stacey provides I brought along to our first vet appointment and the staff there was so impressed by how thorough the book was and mentioned they had never seen so much information provided by a breeder.


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We got Chesney from You. Couldn’t be happier! He is a beautiful wonderful chihuahua 🙂 So much a part of our family. He’s incredibly kind and loving. I thank you for this gift that constantly lightens our day!


Chesney almost 2 years old
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Grant and I just wanted to say thank you!!! We are so blessed having Zephyr in our lives. He is the happiest little dog in the world, full of life, love and character!! It’s never a dull moment when Zephyr is around, he is constantly making me laugh! His unique little face is sooo adorable!!! I am so grateful for all of the extra love and attention you gave our little guy to ensure he would have a chance at a wonderful life. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that if he didn’t have you to care for him, he wouldn’t be around. I was truly blown away by your love and dedication for what you do. You have an AMAZING facility and such an intimate connection with each and every little dog. Whenever I take new pictures or videos of little Zephyr you are always the first to see them!! You are ALWAYS there for me whenever I have questions or concerns, even when you’re half way across the world on vacation!! You are amazing, thanks so much for everything Stacey!

Kristen, Grant, and Zephyr

Zephyr was born with a cleft lip and had to be tube fed for the first 4 weeks of his life as he was unable to nurse from his Mommy.  Thank you to Kristen and Grant for loving this precious baby in spite of his minor imperfection. Zephyr is blessed to have you as his forever family 🙂

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Gan Haven is the best Breeder. The owner Stacey Lawrence is very explanatory when she brings your new puppy, Not only does she have all  of the very important  info she gives a BEAUTIFUL  gift care package with everything you need for your new puppy. She also gives a written contract which she stands behind 100%. I found that out when Felise our little puppy got sick. Stacey drove at 10 p.m. to meet us without any hesitation. We live in Regina and Stacey lives in Estevan. She went out of her way to make things right. She cared for Felise until she was better and then she brought her back to us and never asked for any money for doing all these extra things. Stacey sells GREAT puppies and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a GREAT family pet, they have GREAT personalities all because of the GREAT CARE & LOVE Stacey gives them.

Bonnie Stettner

Felise - 11 weeks
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My experiences coming to Gan Haven, well I’ll tell you I was pretty impressed with everything. How well the dogs were kennel trained and there surroundings with everyone. I had no idea on what to expect at first but you have a beautiful set up. What can I say on how well the dogs are loved by you and trained. Your doing one heck of a job! 🙂 I’ll recommend you to friends and family looking for a new puppy. We were treated awesome and I loved how I got to interact with the other dogs to make sure Echo was the one for me. It was great to meet you and I’m sure sometime down the line we’ll meet again. Well my experience with Echo has been amazing. He brought me back to the way I was before when I had Missy. When Missy was gone I felt lonely and missing a part of me. I miss her so much till this day. Echo has come into my life and has made me pretty happy. He has filled that spot I lost. He’s the sweetest dog I could ever have gotten. There was something about him when I saw your pictures that I had to have him. I have had him for 5 months now and he’s change me in a good way. I’m glad my sister found Gan Haven for us. If not then I don’t know if I still would have a dog again. Stacey…Echo is my life I love these dogs so much. That’s why I was thinking of getting another one. Just waiting on the right time. Thanks again for a wonderful experience meeting you and all your dogs.

Jason Hoffert

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We have been so happy with our little Diego. He is so sweet and so gentle, and has fit right in with our family! Everyone just loves him…even people who don’t like small dogs love him, they can’t get over how calm he is! I hope to get another fur baby from you one day and I would recommend your puppies to everyone! Thank you so very much!

Tanmy, Keith, Darius and Diego

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My fur babies are my life! I went a long time with only one dog after the loss of a beloved pet. We were both so very lonely. Then we met Zuri, she was the fattest little chihuahua you could ever imagine! I was so happy with her after we brought her home that we just had to add another baby to our family. So of course I didn’t have to look far, we returned to Gan Haven and were quite torn between two babies, but Zada won my heart. Another year past and we started looking for another addition and for my 30th birthday we brought home our little Libby. They are all so very perfectly suited to each other, and us! Stacey has an awesome facility set up and is always looking for a way to improve the lives of her fur babies. My puppies all have very playful personalities and are excellent with kids, adults, anybody. They have won the hearts of people who have preconceived notions on how chihuahuas behave or rather misbehave, but not my perfect angels! Stacey was there for me to ask questions and always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect for humans and puppies. Thank you so much for everything you do, you have brought joy to our lives and to the lives of many others. And who knows maybe we will be seeing each again for another addition!!

Sarah, Chloe, Zuri, Zada, Libby, and Darcey (in order of importance)

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Thank-you so much for everything with little Tuesday! She’s so cute! Has such a wonderful personality and is so full of life. You were there for me when I had questions or concerns and walked me through everything! You helped me learn more about the breed and I love how you let me come see her whenever I wanted to watch her growing up! Your set up is wonderful and so clean. All your puppies are awesome quality and beautiful and are VERY well taken care of when they are with you! As well thank-you for letting her stay there for a while longer when I needed it, and walking me through the long drive home and all the precautions and learning everything I know. I had a great experience with you. It is wonderful to see how loving you are to ALL your puppies and how clean your environment is. I’ll be sending you tons of photos of Tuesday as she grows up and hope to see you again in the future.

Kirstie & Chris

Tuesday in Ontario
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Stacey you are one of the kindest women we have ever come to encounter. You are always willing to listen and help. Your kind heart has helped you bring so many wonderful friends for wonderful families to the world. Raine is a blessing. He is so well socialized and bright and willing to learn. I am very grateful to have had the chance to own one of your puppies and man are we glad we came across your site. I wouldn’t ever imagine having a new family member from anywhere else. Raine’s favorite spot is near our hearts cuddle up but his favorite thing is to carry his ball around and explore. He is just such a sweet heart. Thank you so much Stacey and I hope we can add another family member in the future from one of your precious litters. Thank you Stacey. Thank you so much.

Crystal, Ken and Lil Jen Antinuk 

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My time with Elijah has just been amazing. I just love him so much! If I knew he would be the perfect dog for me I would’ve convinced my Dad to buy him a long time ago. Who knew a little pup we seen on one of your ads would be part of our family. I must say I am impressed with your set up at Gan Haven, everything is so organized and well put together! I’m very lucky to have found your site and to have found Elijah, he suits me. He’s crazy, loving, smart and one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.Before I came to Gan Haven I was drawn in by the stereo-typing of a chihuahua being yappy and aggressive but was I proved wrong. I would definitely like to get another chihuahua for myself but for now all my attention belongs to Eli and he doesn’t let me forget it lol. He has gotten rid of my sorrows and always puts a smile on my face when I have had a bad day. I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost him, he means the world to me. When it comes to my animals, I love each and every one of them but with Elijah it’s different. He hasn’t left my side whenever I felt down and he would always try to act silly to make me laugh. I just want to thank you for letting me have him for a reasonable price and to have the best sweet 16 birthday gift I could ever have. Most my age would want a car but a dog like Elijah is even better. I take him everywhere with me when I can, when I can’t I always miss him terribly. Both my parents agree he’s one of the best dogs we’ve had, he’s quiet, he’s silly and he’s great when it comes to being a family dog. My Dad even says we should’ve got me a chihuahua a long time ago lol! Sure Eli might be a pest once in a while but I don’t mind because I know he is doing it out of love I would definitely come back to Gan Haven one day. For now its just me and Elijah against the world. He’s my best friend and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Erin Lonechild

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Sophie and Zelma

After meeting Stacey and having a tour through Gan Haven, I knew this was the place for me. I could see how deeply Stacey cared for her dogs and in turn how happy and well-cared for they were. And then I held my future puppies and I was truly hooked! My girls Sophie and Zelma are wonderful, smart, beautiful dogs and are sweet and friendly with everyone they meet. Everyday they bring me joy. Thanks Stacey – you have a great place and do a great job!


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We just wanted to thank you for providing us with a special new member of our family. Polly is such a special friend to Sailor and to the rest of us. Her personality has really blossomed and she really is such a funny dog, making us laugh daily. She keeps our Golden Retriever and our two cats hopping too!

We were impressed with your business and care for each and every puppy that comes through Gan Haven. It’s nice to know you continue to care about them once they’ve left your doors. It was a pleasure to meet you and see your facility. You were so kind to arrange our pick-up date to be convenient for us around that Christmas week so we didn’t give away “Santa’s secret” too soon. I tell everyone who asks what a great experience we had purchasing Polly from you and recommend you to them should they ever be looking for a four-legged friend like ours. Thank you, again, so much for the outstanding service.

Carol Blahut (and Sailor and Polly)

Sailor and Polly
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Rudy and Arlo

The most common comment I hear from strangers when they meet Arlo and Rudy is, “They are soooo cute.” This isn’t nearly as important to me as they next comment I usually hear, “They are so well behaved, and so quiet! I always thought little Chihuahuas were so yappy.” I always respond the same way, with the fact that they came from a wonderful breeder, who cared for her pups with detailed, loving care. How she also showed that she ruled the roost, and that they knew she was their alpha. My favourite memory of going to Gan Haven was picking up Arlo, my first dog. Stacey was going out into the outdoor pen, and I witnessed at least 15 dogs all walk behind or beside her – never in front. These dogs all knew who was the boss and who loved them best. I’ve been in awe of her ever since. My dogs are first rate. I can only hope that I can maintain the quality of ownership that she did. Fat chance! I have complete faith in Stacey as a breeder and her ability to turn out wonderful dogs that anyone should be lucky enough to own.


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Gan Haven was absolutely amazing. My Mom was so happy with Isys. She was exactly what she was looking for. My Mother Joyce and I would recommend Gan Haven to everyone. The set up you have for the puppies and dogs is just unbelievable. Clean, is an understatement, that place was spotless. You have made my Mom so incredibly happy and filled that little void in her heart. We can not thank you enough.

Sharon & Joyce

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