Hypoglycemia With Puppies

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Hypoglycemia is a very serious health crisis with new puppies up until they are 16-20 weeks old. There are warning signs that your puppy may be becoming hypoglycemic which are: Lethargy (lack of energy), weakness, head tilting, laying on his side in a swimming motion with his head tipped up and backwards, unbalance or wobbly walking, shivering or uncontrollable trembling, disorientation, convulsions, seizures, coma (which usually results in death). With special care and monitoring your new puppies food intake and allowing adequate rest periods for the puppy, you can prevent this condition.

If you find puppy displaying any of the above signs, you should assume it is hypoglycemia and rub small amounts of syrup on your puppies gums. *Do Not *put a lot of liquid in the puppies mouth as this could cause the unconscious puppy to choke!

Call your vet immediately and get additional instructions, as whenever a puppy has a moderate to severe hypoglycemic reaction, there is possibility of a repeat episode.

  • If your puppy was *not* hypoglycemic, then your treatment will have just raised his blood sugar causing no harm to the puppy.
  • If your puppy *was* hypoglycemic then you probably just saved his life!!
  • If you have any questions or concerns you should contact your local vet. If you are purchasing a tiny puppy you should always have corn syrup, pancake syrup, or even honey on hand in case of this emergency. Nutrical is the ideal product to supplement your puppy until he is 16-20 weeks of age.
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