Tiny Puppy Care

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Gan Haven Tiny Puppy Care

If you have purchased a tiny puppy that is going to weigh less than 3 lbs as an adult, please understand that this puppy will require a lot more care and time than a regular size puppy.

There is not much room for error in the care of a tiny puppy. Small dogs under 6lbs should have the same consideration, especially if they are chihuahua, yorkies, or pomeranians, as these breeds are more susceptible to stress.

These tiny puppies use up a lot of energy and usually require 4-5 meals a day compared to the 2-3 times a day that normal size puppies require. I always recommend leaving food out at all times, that way puppy can eat whenever he feels the need. A chilly night and an empty belly means the puppy will spend the night shivering to stay warm using up any energy reserve it may have, which could result in a serious health crisis in the morning. To keep puppy warm and snugly, we recommend feeding puppy jut before he goes to bed and using a heating pad on low covered with a blanket in puppies bed, covering only half of the bed surface so puppy can move away from the heat is he so desires.

After your puppy is fully vaccinated you should begin socializing your puppy by exposing him to different people and other pets under your supervision. *Be sure* to protect him at all times. These puppies can be easily frightened, and will often resort to biting to protect themselves. They are tiny and have a fragile stature and can be easily injured by rough housing or being bumped or stepped on unintentionally.

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