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You may find cheaper Mi-ki puppies for sale elsewhere but you may not find puppies as loved and cared for as my Mi-kis are at Gan Haven in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada. My dogs and their puppies are a big part of my family and as such I maintain a small breeding program so as to sustain the one on one contact that all puppies and dogs require and deserve. The health and happiness of my dogs and puppies is my top priority and my mission is to provide you with a well bred, healthy, well socialized, pre-spoiled puppy. My dogs are not kept in crates. The only time they are crated is at bedtime where they each have their own pet taxi to keep them safe and comfortable at night. During the day they have adequate indoor and outdoor space to run and play at their leisure.

Welcome to Gan Haven Mi-Ki Munchkins
Gan Haven Mi-Ki Puppies

All of my puppies are 80% house trained by the time they are eight weeks old for your convenience by using the grass mat training system. These grass mats are easily found at pet stores or online so as your new puppy may continue to potty where you want them to. This system is so easy to use and the puppy is drawn to the grass mats even when they are only 3 weeks old. If you so choose, my puppies can easily be converted to piddle pads or easily taught to use the great outdoors. They do have a short attention span and get playing sometimes and forget to go to the mat but I am there to remind them where the acceptable potty place is. There is little effort on your part because I have done all the initial training for you. All you have to do is continue from where I left off as once they come to your home it is a whole new world for them to explore and they can make mistakes. I always suggest that the first few weeks of puppy in it’s new home, that puppy is confined to a smaller area away from carpets or anything that can be damaged if they have an accident in the house, unless you or someone is there to supervise them closely. Watch your puppies actions closely and he will tell you exactly when he needs to go potty.

All of my Mi-ki puppies for sale come with a one year health guarantee, spay/neuter contract, microchipped with a lifetime enrollment to Viaguard Lost Pet Tracking thru,. Along with that, I send a puppy pack with a bag of high quality puppy food that the puppy was use to eating while here at Gan Haven, treats, some of their favorite toys, and a stuffed bear that has been rubbed on mom and siblings so the puppy has a familiar scent while he/she makes their transition to your home. I stand behind the health of my dogs 100% and will assist you through anything that might arise during the life of your new puppy and am here 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. My puppies are microchipped at 8 weeks of age and ready for their new forever homes when they are 10-12 weeks old. In addition your puppy will be DNA’d for parentage verification thru Bio Pet. All of our dogs and offspring are registered thru AMRA.

Gan Haven Mi-ki Puppies one year health guarantee
Gan Haven specializes in the wonderful rare Mi-ki breed
Stacey Lawrence & a little Mi-Ki Puppy

Gan Haven specializes in the wonderful rare Mi-ki breed. We breed for smooth coat Mi-kis and the long coat Mi-kis to give our puppy families options to choose from regarding grooming. We strive to conform to breed standard and provide you with the best, healthiest puppy possible. At times I get teeny tiny babies that need a special home where they get the extra special attention they require or I may get puppies that are a little over sized. Nothing can beat the sound of itty bitty puppy pawz no matter the size, color or breed.

For some enquiring about a “teacup” puppy…it is a term breeder will use to describe a puppy under 3 lbs. For example…Chihuahuas when born can fit in a teacup due to their small size thus the “teacup” term came about. “Teacup” is not a breed size classification. Chihuahuas are listed in the toy breed classification and breed standard states that Chihuahuas should range from 3-7lbs. For any breeder to sell a Chihuahua that will be over 3 lbs claiming it to be a “teacup” is both deceptive and morally wrong. We see this term being added to many breeds to falsely lure potential buyers into thinking they have purchased a special breed class or as to secure a higher price for said puppy. There is no such thing as a “teacup” and the term if used, should only refer to the size of the puppy. All tiny puppies are a result of being the runt of the litter due to when they were conceived…the beginning or the end of their standing heat.

What is a Mi-ki?

Pronounced mee-kee. Mi-kis are a rare purebred, not a designer or hybrid, that are low to non-shedding and are hypoallergenic. They share a common ancestry with the Papillon, Japanese Chin, and Maltese. They come in smooth coat and long coat. The smooth coat resembles the long coat chihuahua in that they do not have long hair on their face or muzzle and need little grooming but has a tendency to shed a small amount. The long coat needs more grooming but doesn’t shed. Both coats are easily cared for. The Mi-ki has a small compact frame with a small apple shaped head, short muzzle, large round eyes, a plumed tail that they carry high over their back, and feathered ears that can be erect or hanging. If they hear something even the hanging ears will wing upward as they listen. Overall the Mi-ki has a sweet refined look about them. Due to their affectionate, gentle, cuddly, outgoing nature they are noted to be good therapy dogs. They are highly intelligent, eager to please, and adapt easily to changes which makes them easy to train and suitable for all lifestyles. They can live as long as 16 years with relatively few genetic health problems.

What is a Mi-Ki Puppy
Puppies at Gan Haven are well socialized

Despite the preconceived notion that little dogs are yappy and aggressive little monsters, it is quite the contrary. My puppies here at Gan Haven are well socialized and begin their life being taught what is acceptable and what is not and it is up to you to continue that training if you want a well behaved fur friend. If you get caught up in the “small puppy syndrome” where they are too cute to discipline and allow them to get away with bad behavior, your dog will be ill mannered and will live up to the stereotype they have been assigned by people who have never given small dogs a fair chance because they grew up knowing of or have heard stories about ill mannered dogs who were never trained properly. Your dog no matter the breed is only as yappy and aggressive as you allow it to be. With consistent training and keeping your puppy in check with their behavior, you will have the best little fur friend anyone could hope for.

As a breeder and dog lover, I strive to learn all I can about dog psychology, the health of dogs, as well as behavioral issues and am always combing the internet to learn as much as I can. I am a certified veterinarian assistant and have extensive knowledge on the parvo virus and the treatments required to care for a puppy that has contracted the virus as well as other ailments that might affect your fur baby.

Because the health of my dogs and puppies is important to me, my nursery is well kept and the floors are disinfected twice a day to protect the dogs and puppies from harmful bacteria and viral illness. The yard is astro turf laid on top of pea stone which is easy to keep clean and allows for intermittent outdoor disinfection as well. All of my puppies are guaranteed for 7 days from the date of purchase to be healthy and free of the parvo virus, canine distemper, hepatitis, corona virus, and canine cough.

Pronounced mee-kee. Mi-kis are a rare purebred
Puppies begin their life in the Gan Haven nursery

Puppies begin their life in my nursery where mom can socialize and frolic with her fur family while her babies sleep safely in their own dens. The moms have free roam and access to a doggy door that allows them access to an area of their own all day long providing they are not in their den nursing their babies. Once the puppies are about 3-4 weeks old and become more mobile they venture out of their den and then the fun begins and you begin to see their personalities come alive.  At 5-6 weeks old once they can manuever themselves over a small rise on their pen openings, they are introduced to the new big world of playing and socializing with other puppies including Mommy, Daddy, and the rest of the Gan Haven fur family. All puppies when they are old enough, have special playtime in the outdoor penned area with their parents and other fur family. At 8-10 weeks old puppies have the freedom to use the grass mat or go outside to play provided they are big enough to manipulate the doggy door but if they are too small I take them outside to play yard so they can have playtime too.

My puppies usually meet their new families when they are about 8-10 weeks old and have been eating solid food on their own for a few weeks. If the puppies are very small and under 2lbs I like to keep them a little longer until they are 10-12 weeks old. I don’t like to take puppies away from mom too soon as I feel that mom plays a very important role and if the puppies are taken away too soon, may run the risk of becoming stressed and can quickly become hypoglycemic because of their small stature.

I hope as you navigate through my site that you may hold a special place in your heart for one of these sweet adorable babies as I do, and find that new best friend you have been longing for. Dogs truly are a treasure and will love you unconditionally!

Puppies usually meet their new families when they are about 8-10 weeks old
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